How does it work?

How does it work?

It’s possible you already had a proposal or you already know what you need. If this isn’t the case, we would like to inform you about the possibilities on our location. The first payment is always via cash, debit or creditcard. The follow-up payment is via direct debit. If you want to rent a storage space, you’ll need the following:

  • A legitimate identification document (drivers licence, passport, ID);
  • Debit card, creditcard or cash;
  • Companies need a CoC + VAT number;
  • Half an hour of your time, so we can inform you about our storage.

Boxes and prices

We rent out storage spaces varying from 3m³ to 50 m³, in almost every size. Our space calculator is a handy tool to help you make the right decision. You can always switch storage size if it is too big or too small, without any additional costs. For a tailored offering you can always contact us via the contact form on the website, also you can also call us or drop by!

For private individuals there is no VAT owed, for companies, all our prices are excluding VAT.

One time cost are, deposits, for the storage (one months worth of rent) and for the access pass (€ 10,00) and finally, a cilinder lock for your storage, which is €12.

Our packing materials and locks include VAT for both, private individuals and companies.

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Overview of our storages, price per month

Type Unit Content m3 Price  Description
XS 3 – 6 m³ 3m³  €30 now €23 Space for small archives
S 6 – 12 m³ 6m³ €54 now €40,50 Space for small furniture / small archives
M 12 – 21 m³ 12m³ €86now €65 Furniture from a 1-2 room house / archives / Storage while renovating
L 21 – 30 m³ 21m³ €130now €97 Furniture of a small family home / big archive / company goods
XL 30 – 42 m³ 30m³ €165now €124 Furniture of a medium sized house / large archive / company inventory/goods
XXL 42-50 m³ 42m³ €231now €173 Furniture of a big house / extended archive / company inventory/goods


Paying at Merkson is easy: when you sign the contract at MerkSon you pay the first lease term + the costs of the cilinder lock with cash, debit or creditcard. After that you’re allowed to use your storage instantly!

By signing a contract at Merkson you allow Merkson to direct debit your account periodically. The amount will be charged directly to your bank account every month automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that. Companies will receive an invoice including VAT.

If you want to terminate your contract we ask you to do this via a letter or via e-mail, the direct debit will be discontinued. After the last lease period, if the box is left as requested, the deposit will be wired to your bankaccount in 14 days.


Every possession that is stored has to be insured by a renowned Dutch insurance company. Most of the time your possessions are insured already by content insurance, for three months and sometimes longer. You can inform it with your insurance company to check if this is the case. Take into account that insurers can deal with different materials and supplies stored elsewhere different per branch or insurance policy. Always inquire with your own insurance advisor.


If you rent at Merkson it’s possible to use one our free trailers. Our trailers are spacious and roomy. You can move your possessions safely and dry with one of our trailers. The normal renting price of the trailers is €25,- for customers it’s free of charge. It’s easy and simple, you reserve a trailer at our reception for a day. You need to bring your identification documents with you and a license plate.

Ask us for the terms and conditions at our reception.