House Rules

Our house rules are part of our General Terms and Conditions. You’ll receive detailed information on how our procedure work. Do you have any questions or are you doubting? Ask for advice or help, our employees are more than happy to help you. The most important house rules in an overview:

  1. MerkSon’s self-storage is meant to store you possessions and to stall your campers. It’s not allowed to do any physical labour except loading and unloading your goods or parking your campers. The use of electrical or mechanical tools especially is prohibited.
  2. Your camper has to be atleast WA-insured, and there aren’t gastanks allowed inside, you may not do any physical labour at or in your vehicle.
  3. The camper stall periode is always for 1-year.
  4. Every camper stall has it’s own utilities, the utilities are only intended for fair use, if you take advantage of that, we have to bill additional costs.
  5. MerkSon is accessible daily from 6am till 10pm. It’s prohibited to be inside our facility outside of our opening hours. You must have left the MerkSon perimeter at 10pm. If you set off the alarm you will be charged with 50 euros per offence.
  6. The reception of MerkSon is opened every monday till friday from 9am till 6pm and saturdays from 9am till 3pm.
  7. It’s prohibited to store toxic, highly flamable, dangerous compounds, smelly or possessions that can rot. storage of guns, medicines, drugs or illegal goods is not allowed.
  8. In the facility of MerkSon there is a video surveillance system. Merkson can and may use the information in case of calamities, also when house rules are broken or the contract is breached.
  9. MerkSon will always allow access to authorities with search orders or other competent instances. As a storage renter you need to cooperate.
  10. Your acces code/badge is strictly personal, prevent abuse, if you lost your acces code/badge you have to report to our service desk personally, during office hours. There is no other way to gain access to you access code/badge.
  11. Use your own access code / badge for your own access and do not allow others to come in or out with you. Do not go inside or out with others, but always use your own code / badge.
  12. Prevent damage to our blinds and your vehicle. the blinds will roll up after you type in your access code/badge, only drive when the lights are green. The Maximum access height of the storage space is 3 Meter.
  13. The speed limit is 5km/hour in and around the facility (walking pace).
  14. The minimal renting period is one month, after that it’s terminable per month.
  15. To terminate your contract you have to email us or send us a letter with the notice in mind of at least 14 days (please terminate it before the 16th of each month).
  16. There is a three months notice in order to terminate you camper stall contract.
  17. The use of the MerkSon cilinder lock is a must. It’s not allowed to place an extra lock on your storage, it will be removed and you will be billed with the costs of removing.
  18. If you don’t pay your dues timely, your storage will be blocked and you will be charged with additional fees.
  19. Don’t leave your transport trolley in you storage, and put them back at the intended spot.
  20. Only use the intercom in case of calamities.
  21. The unnecessary use of the emergency exit will cause the alarm to go off, the additional costs are a minimum of 50 euro.
  22. Report damage in your storage and other irregularities to our employee. after checking out you’re obligated to leave your storage empty, clean and unlocked. The disposal of any debris is your own responsibility. You have to get rid of debris yourself, if you don’t agree to those terms, the costs will be charged, with a minimum of 20 euros, costs of removing the lock is 50 euros.
  23. Make sure you don’t bother other renters:
    • Turn off your engine when your vehicle is parked
    • Dispose your trash
    • No pets
    • Don’t make a lot of noise
    • It’s prohibited to start a fire or smoke.