Mobile Storage Box

Mobile storage space

MerkSon also delivers a mobile storage box for you on location. Renting this mobile storage box is beneficial and arranged in 4 simple steps. So you can rent the mobile storage box to load your stuff, we store it in our secure and dry storage. This way you can save time, because you have to load your stuff less often. How does it work?

Step 1

As soon as you rent a storage box at MerkSon, we bring it to you. You only have to choose a day and a part of a day on which you would like to have the storage box. We will then contact you to let you know when we are at your door with the box. Of course it is also possible to rent multiple storage boxes. In a storage box of 8m³ go about 150 boxes. You can use our calculation tool to gain more insight into how much space you need.

Step 2

Once you have finished packing, we move the storage box back to our storage space. As soon as you rent a storage box from us, we will store it in a warm, dry and safe environment. We feel responsible for your things. Our site is therefore also secured by means of camera surveillance and access control.

Step 3

Do you no longer need a temporary storage box and would you like to have your stuff back in your (new) home? Then of course we bring the storage box back to your house. Let us know 48 hours in advance so that we can bring it back in time.

We are happy to bring our mobile storage space to you! Are you interested in renting our mobile storage space? Please contact us by using the contact form below or call us!

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    Mobile Storage

    The Benefits of a Mobile Storage Box

    • Delivered to your home;
    • No trailer or bus needed;
    • 1 Load up, 1 unload;
    • Lots of time gain, you don’t have to drive up and down by yourself;
    • Time of placement in consultation;
    • No less than 7 m² surface area and a capacity of 15m³;
    • Private individuals exempt from VAT;
    • Plenty of time to load/unload the storage box;
    • Also in the evening hours is possible.